Billions for the Bankers
Debts For The People

In his essay, "Billions for the Bankers--Debts for the People: An indictment of the Federal Reserve System," the late  Pastor Sheldon Emry examines the corruption at the core of the American monetary system.
This essay examines the corruption at the core of the Canadian monetary system. It suggests that Canadians lost control of their money supply in much the same way as the Americans. How can we get it back?
01: Billions For The Bankers
02: Money Control
03: The Canadian Conundrum
04: The American Conundrum
05: Three Types of Conquest
06: Money Creation
07: The Great Depression
08: War Profits
09: Power to Coin Money
10: How the People Lost Control
11: The Fractional Reserve System
12: The Inflatable Currency
13: Repayment of Loans
14: Yes, It's Political, Too!
15: Compound Interest
16: The Solution
17: No Interest No Debt
18: Stable Money
19: Citizen Control
20: Debt-Free
21: Why You Haven't Known
22: Tell The People
23: The Dawn of a New Day
24: Electoral Reform
25: Contractual Democracy
26: Economic Justice & Fairness
27: Sharing Economic Resources
28: Monetary Reform Principles
29: The World Public Opinion Poll
30: The Nature of our Economic System
31: The Capitalist View
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Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People by the late Pastor Sheldon Emry.
Download Billions for the Bankers in word format.
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